Service and fellowship opportunities

Serving at Mass
We are always interested in having more altar servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and lectors. Follow this link to join us:
St. Joseph's Home for the Aged

CCM students at UR have had a special relationship with St. Joseph's Home for many years. The home, run by the Little Sisters of the Poor (which has no basketball team - pardon the inside Catholic joke), offers care to the elderly poor from all over the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. ​


Most years, students visit residents at least once a month and join in special celebrations, such as a senior prom and Christmas caroling. For details, please contact Deacon Tom at

Faith, fun and fellowship

CCM students are a diverse, inclusive and close group.  The CCM community is made up of students from all areas of university life.  We usually eat together after Mass either in the dining hall or at one of our famed cookouts. We've gone to Busch Gardens and Virginia Beach, taken trips to ice rinks and paintball facilities, and frequently get together just because we enjoy each other's company. All are welcome  in this community. 



Students have ample opportunities to put their faith in action through service projects offered by CCM, the  Office of the Chaplaincy and the Center for Civic Engagement. CCM students  also regularly visit St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged and assist with CARITAS at St. Bridget, along with helping in religious education and confirmation projects at the parish.  Our community enjoys eating together, praying together, playing together and socializing in a wide variety of ways. 

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